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There's more to a Hiddenbed than meets the eye

We offer the horizontal Hiddenbed in double and queen sizes. This dual-purpose furniture provides a great working surface for the desk and easily accommodates items such as a lamp and computer, meaning that anything that's 17 inches or less can remain on the desk when adjusted to the bed position. A torsion bar is attached underneath the desk with an adjustable bolt so that if you have a little bit of extra weight on the desk there is a way to tighten it up and alleviate any sag. The Hiddenbed is freestanding which means it doesn’t need to be attached to the wall. It is very safe to operate and to use and as you can see, one of the features is that the bed section will rest on the desk which gives added stability. All of the beds take standard size mattresses and this is a double with our cool gel foam bed in a box. There's a cutout at the back that not only allows it to go firmly next to the wall without having to cut the baseboard, but also gives you wire management for cables and power cords. You can leave the bed made up with the covers as long as you tuck it in on the outside.