Premium Hiddenbed

 Save an extra $145  with this bundled model which includes original pricing of:

  • $3000 Double Hiddenbed / $3300 Queen Hiddenbed
  • $650 Side Tower
  • $500 Hutch
  • $195 Tower Hutch


To see the Hiddenbed in action,  click here



  • Desk and Bed in one Space!

  • Free Shipping (to major Canadian cities ) - Shipped Direct to you! 

  • Easy setup - major parts are pre-assembled at the factory

  • Free Standing unit - no need to attach to the floor or wall

  • Canadian Made with Canadian Materials

  • It's easy as 1-2-3  - Pull the safety locks on each side, pull the handle down, and rotate the bed down to the floor

  • Converting the bed to the desk or desk to the bed takes approximately 5 seconds to accomplish

Premium Hiddenbed

C$4,345.00 Regular Price
C$4,200.00Sale Price
Double Queen
Height 86" Height 89"
Width 105" Width 110"
Desk Depth 45" Desk Depth 45"
Bed Depth 62" Bed Depth 65"