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Wood Products Unlimited is a group of furniture builders who originated from one of Canada’s oldest and largest furniture companies, DeFehr Furniture. Our background in product development and furniture design has led us into niche market products such as wall beds, custom millwork, custom cabinets, kitchens, vanities, and closet organizers in residential and commercial settings.


We may have started out as furniture builders, but Wood Products Unlimited is not just a furniture company.


We’re so much more than that.

First and foremost, Wood Products Unlimited is an R&D company.


We find new ways for homes and commercial spaces to use furniture. We create technology for furniture that speaks to the future of function and design.

Our extensive background in product development and furniture design has led the WPU team into niche market products such as our innovative Cornerstone product line of custom kitchens and cabinets.

Wood Products Unlimited wants nothing more than to push the boundaries of what is possible with furniture, bringing residential spaces into the future.

So, yes. WPU builds furniture, and we’re proud of the lifelong craftsmanship we offer homes and offices… but we’re so much more than a furniture company.

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Our Facility

Take a look at our facilities in this virtual shop tour


Personal touches of a small company with the resources of a big company

As a small company, we are able to give all our attention to every detail of your project. We don’t view our clients as just clients, but we build relationships with them and seek to offer a warm, personal and collaborative experience.


Our plant is equipped with cutting-edge tools and machinery that allow us to provide precise, high-end results without compromise.

Craftsmanship is in the details, and it’s in the details that we excel.

After all, if our kitchens and cabinets aren’t good enough for our house, they’re not good enough for yours. With our attention to detail and expertise in furniture and custom cabinetry, we’re able to design and create our flagship products like Cornerstone Kitchens.

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