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Bringing small company touches
to your big ideas

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Cornerstone Kitchens

Wood Products Unlimited specializes in manufacturing and installing our flagship product line of Cornerstone Kitchens for residential projects. With years of experience in product development and custom cabinetry, we are able to provide innovative kitchen designs that are completely customized to your space.

Commercial Kitchens
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"Craftsmanship is in the details, and it’s in the details that we excel".

After all, if our kitchens aren’t good enough for our home, they’re not good enough for yours.

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Our Innovative Install

Wood Products Unlimited is always finding new ways for homebuilders and developers to install furniture. We create technology for furniture that speaks to the future of function and design.

Home renovations often involve many steps and different trades coming and going, so you want to be in and out. You don’t want to waste time assembling kitchen cabinets when you have so many other important things to do. Our kitchens come ready to install, as they only need to be hung and secured on a rail. Our Cornerstone Kitchens allow you to save time.

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The Cornerstone Promise

We provide an experience that delivers much more than just deciding upon and installing a kitchen.

No matter how sophisticated or promising this process seems, it remains just another commodity if unaccompanied by a laser focus on construction requirements and timelines concerning manufacturing, delivery, and installation.


These are our specialties and the cornerstone of the value we offer — peace of mind, efficiency, reliability, increased revenues, time.

What people are saying


   "The biggest thing is their ability to use other companies to help them accomplish big projects in a short amount of time. Also, I appreciate their attention to detail, customer service, and their amazing work."

— Allan Croy

   "They’re local and make a great product. I bought cabinets and          kitchens before, and I’ve also gotten custom work done as well." 

– Chris Steinke

   "If there’s anything needing more attention, they come back right away, not weeks later, and they address it very quickly.”


– Louis Pereira

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